High Pressure Cleaning - Floors

We use specialist pressure cleaning techniques and solutions. After pressure cleaning the surface we spray the area with a deep pore cleanser. This is a special material that soaks into the substrate, cleaning deeper than the pressure cleaner by removing any microscopic particles left on the surface. You will be amazed by how much brighter and fresher the floor area will look after this solution has been applied.

Reclean uses a rotory high power pressure washer when cleaning cement, slate or limestone floors. We are one of the first companies to make the switch from the traditional wand cleaner to the rotory cleaner, with great benefits to our customers and the environment. While the rotory and wand machines use the same amount of water per minute, the rotory cleaner can clean the same area in a third of the time. The benefits are clear – our customers get a better clean and save $$ because we get the job done faster, and the environment benefits because we are using significantly less water to do the same job. Jobs completed with a rotory washer tend to have a better finish, because the shape and function of the machine stops the surface from getting the patchy, uneven finish that a wand can produce.

High Pressure Floor Cleaning

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