Q. Why should I have my house/roof/floors washed professionally?

A.  There are many benefits to investing in Brisbane house cleaning services, whether it’s for your roof, floors or the entire house. Professional exterior cleaning services are the best way to keep your most valuable asset maintained and looking like new. Exterior cleaning also extends the life of your paintwork on your house, and removes damaging mould off roofs and floors. Professional cleaning is much safer – we have all heard stories about DIY heroes hurting themselves slipping off wet roofs, or climbing up ladders, etc. Why risk it?! Using professionals will save you water, time, and money. Reclean’s technologically advanced equipment and cleaning agents will give you much better results. You don’t really want to spend your weekend doing hard manual labour do you?

Q. Will house washing damage my paintwork and the finishings of my house?

A.  No! – in fact it will do the reverse! Exterior cleaning EXTENDS the life of paintwork and removes damaging mould that can make your house age faster. Our cleaning solutions kill mould and loosen dirt and grime before it is removed by low pressure hand washing, brushes, and good ol’ fashioned elbow grease.

Q. Are any of the chemicals or methods used harmful to my plants or pets?

A. Reclean makes sure that all chemicals we use are BIODEGRADABLE and ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY. We will take extra care around your pets and gardens because we understand that you (and us!) take pride in the exterior of your property.

Q. Am I protected by insurance?

A. Of course you are! Reclean exhibits responsible business practice at all times and has full public liability insurance.

Q. Are quotes obligation free?

A. All quotes are completely free with no obligations. Reclean believes that having a superior product at competitive prices speaks for itself. If you aren’t impressed then we don’t deserve your business.

Q. What areas do you service?

A. We provide commercial cleaning and house washing to all Brisbane suburbs.

Q. Do you have a water permit?

A. Yes, Reclean have a water restriction permit allowing us to use your water service. All certificates are available upon request. Reclean is dedicated to eco-friendly practice, this includes limiting water consumption.

Q. Do I need to be home when you come?

A. No! A common misconception is that home owners need to be there when tradespeople are working on the property. Because all our services are external, there is no need for you to be home! However, we need you to make sure your house and outdoor areas are adequately prepared for washing and you need to be contactable via phone when we arrive. If the onsite price is in the range of the offsite quote when we arrive, we can simply start the job! If we arrive onsite and there are unforeseen costs we will call you directly for approval before any work is undertaken.

Q. How do I prepare for house washing?

A. Preparing for house washing is not a massive undertaking. We simply need you to close all your doors and windows. Any window seals or large gaps under or above doors that may leak need a towel placed underneath them. Simple things like tidying your outdoor area, removing clothes from the clothesline, and loose items from patios and pergolas would greatly help.