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The following has been based on average property sizes for the style of the home described and should be treated as a guide price. In MOST cases the price will fit within the estimated range. Where possible, satellite images will be used to more accurately estimate the cost of the job. The price will be confirmed based on a site assessment at the time that the work is to be carried out. Please note that pricing guide is only as an indicator based on the average size home – Each Property will be measured to give a truer indication of cost. 

Prices on the website do not include GST. Our operators accommodate payment via credit card.

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House wash  

The following house washing price guide is based on the average sized home for the category, and prices are subject to change.

Prices include house washing of: external gutters, seifeits, eaves, walls, basic window clean, screens, beams, lattice, railings, ceilings and balcony walls. Cleaning of garage doors is also included in the price if fixed to the house. The price is for spray, brush and rinse. Prices apply to wood/cladded/champher board and hardi plank homes.

We include a free mould and spider treatment with every house wash.

    2 Bedroom   3 Bedroom   4 Bedroom   5 Bedroom
Lowset Brick House   $120 – $200   $160 – $210   $140 – $230   $200 – $280
Highset Brick House   $120 – $220   $140 – $230   $160 – $250   $200 – $310
Lowset Post War Home – Wood   $140 – $240   $160 – $260   $180 – $300  
Highset Post War Home – Wood   $160 – $260   $180 – $280   $200 – $300   $260 – $360
Lowset Rendered House     $190 – $280   $220 – $340   $280 – $400
Highset Rendered House     $240 – $340   $300 – $400   $360 – $480
Queenslander   $180 – $270   $200 – $290   $300 – $430   $370 – $510


PLEASE NOTE: If your house is architecturally designed, multi-level or above average size or height, we will need to quote for house washing on site.

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Reclean: House washing, high pressure washing, exterior house cleaning 


High pressure floor cleaning is priced from $1.50 per square metre


This price for floor cleaning includes the application of a deep pore cleaning solution which will keep the floor cleaner for longer and prevent the growth of mould on the surface.

Because of the time that it takes to set up the equipment, the minimum charge for floor pressure cleaning is $120 Plus GST

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  Wash Driveways
Reclean: House washing, high pressure washing, exterior house cleaning     
Roof Cleaning  

There are many variables involved in producing a quote for high pressure roof cleaning, making it difficult to provide an estimate without seeing the property.


The pitch and size of the roof, the level of danger or potential hazards, and the means of waste water removal all need to be considered when pricing a high pressure roof cleaning job. Our operator will provide you with a price before beginning work on your property.

High Pressure Roof Cleaning Prices Start From:

Reclean: Exterior House Cleaning, High Pressure Cleaning, Roof Cleaning $1.70 per square metre of metal or concrete tile roofing (plus GST)

Our staff are required to wear a safety harness while performing work on roofs with a high pitch. A harness fee of $150 will apply.

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    Reclean: House washing, high pressure washing, exterior house cleaning