Our Exterior House Cleaning Services

Reclean’s Brisbane house cleaning services combine high-tech equipment and good old fashion hard work to provide a thorough clean that is gentle on your paintwork and finishes.

Our floor, roof and gutter cleaning wash away harsh dirt and sanitise surfaces while preventing new mildew growth. Our cleaning solutions are safe for use on your family home, and pose no risk to children, pets or plants. Best of all you don’t even need to be home while we complete the job! If the offsite quote we provide you is within range once we have seen the property we will just do it! Come home to a sparkling new house, call 1300 437 221 today!

Reclean is the most technologically advanced house washing and commercial cleaning company in the Australian market. We use water efficient machines with biodegradable cleaning solutions. We provide the most accurate price estimates possible by on-site quoting or off-site quoting using satellite images to gauge the scale and complexity of a house washing or commercial cleaning job.

Our specialist services include:

Exterior house cleaning

Extend the life of your paintwork by up to ten years and wash away built up mould, dirt and grime from your property.


High pressure floor cleaning

Revamp paths, driveways, patio areas, pools, fencing, and retaining walls with high pressure cleaning.


High pressure roof cleaning

Restore your roof’s colour and appearance, and help to identify any underlying roof damage.


 Gutter protection systems

Sales and installations of gutter guard system to keep leaves, twigs, vermin and other nasties out of your guttering – saving you ongoing gutter cleaning costs.