Residential House Washing Services

Pressure Cleaning, House Washing and Roof Cleaning Specialists in Brisbane

At Reclean we have the technology to shift the toughest dirt and grime without damaging your existing paintwork. Our expert teams know when to use low pressure hand washing versus high pressure cleaning for Brisbane properties, and we’ll normally reserve our high pressure systems for roof tiles and unpainted surfaces. We offer a comprehensive service that includes exterior house washing, roof and gutter cleaning, even a gutter-guard solution to keep your gutters free from the build-up of leaves, moss and other debris.

Our business is founded on the principles of quality and service, and we’re confident that our house washing and roof cleaning offers Brisbane owners the most cost-effective transformation of any home, and a far more affordable to repainting. If you’re considering painting your home, Reclean can often demonstrate that it’s simply not necessary, and we can return your existing paintwork to looking like new, without the expense and hassle of getting the painters in. Dirt and grime accumulate on painted surfaces and exponentially increase the amount that builds up, creating a surface that attracts more and more unsightly residue. With low pressure hand washing that includes the application of bio-degradable cleaning agents, followed by hand brushing to remove the surface grime and a final rinse with our low pressure equipment – we’ll get your house clean without blowing the paint off!

High and Low Pressure Cleaning

As specialists in all aspects of both high and low pressure cleaning in Brisbane we always use the right tools for the job, treating your delicate surfaces with the care they need, or bringing more powerful equipment where surfaces need increased pressure to remove years of moss, lichen and other deposits. If you’re selling your home, the Reclean treatment can significantly increase the curb appeal of any property, adding value prior to any sale or rental. First impressions are an essential part of any property viewing, so give yourself an advantage without breaking the bank and talk to us today about our low pressure house washing in Brisbane.

We also offer a FREE spider and mould treatment with every external house wash – plus you’ll get 10% off when you book two or more of our house cleaning services!

Call 1300 437 221 today to transform the exterior of your house and increase the property value with high quality house washing.